Cant login to Auth0 Admin console? Account blocked

When I try to login to the admin console it says that my account is blocked due to too many login attempts even though I haven’t tried logging or failed at logging in recently other than now. My password is saved and I havent changed it so it cant be wrong.

I have tried clicking reset my password and it says the email was sent but I never get an email.

Not really sure what to do or how to regain access to my account. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @alex23,

Could it be that maybe you used a social login (Google, Github, Microsoft, Linkedin) rather than a username/password?

Hi @joseantonio.rey , I definitely used a username/password because I received the verification email from Auth0. I also have the login details saved in my browser.

Hey, @alex23,

Could you please DM me your tenant’s name and region, and your email address?