Can't add multiple login and sign up shortcode


We’d like to split out the login and sign up pop modal out onto different buttons, our users are getting confused and we will lose lots of sign ups as people are trying to use the login section.

When I tired to add 2 shortcode buttons and set the additional configuration so that one model only showed login and one only allowed sign up one of the buttons gets removed by the Auth0 code.

What is the reason for this and what are you suggestions to get around this?

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Hi @sara,

A lot of our customers choose to go with a custom signup page like this:

Would that work?

Let me know.


Hi Dan,

Yes that would work, we’d have to do a bit of work our side. I think I was expecting it to work out of the box, is there a reason it doesn’t?

Thanks for your help,



The login and signup boxes of Universal Login cannot be split up like you describe, but you can be directed to either one with certain params. Here is a relevant topic:

I am not sure I understand what you mean here. Universal Login certainly works out of the box, but obviously cannot conform to every single use-case out there. For this exact reason we provide API endpoints for full control and customization.

As far as conversion goes, a custom signup page is likely to provide the most tailored experience for your specific customer base if that is your main concern. For example, we use a custom signup experience.

I am not very familiar with shortcode, which seems like a wordpress-specific feature. If I am missing something regarding that please let me know.


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