Hosting two different pages: login and sign up


I have a question about hosting custom login page and sign up page. I’ve created custom lock, that is fully functional. Since I do not want to add sign up tab there, I want it to be hosted on separate page (login is hosted on custom domain: Is this possible with Auth0 to host sign up form on different page? Or the best bet is to make a public web server and host there my index.html (if I write the script in the same file).

If anyone needs better explanation, please, ask!

Hey there @KalmerR!

I think I get what you want to achieve but I’m not sure if it’s doable. I’m mostly considering the security aspect of having login and signup in two places. Let me discuss it internally and get back to you with an answer!

Thank you, @konrad.sopala!

It is possible to host sign up form and create new accounts to auth0.

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