How to create mulitple signup form with different fields


I have 2 different types of users that require different types of signup forms. What is the Auth0 way to go about that?

Thanks a lot

Hi @hello10,

You can use Custom Signup to capture different signup fields.

You may want to consider separating your users with different connections if they are two different types of users.

Thank you. Is there maybe a way to pass a query string to the redirect URL so that it can be used to toggle on/off different fields on the form ?

Do you mean with the Auth0 UI?

@dan.woda Yes inside the custom login form, I can use javascript right? So if there was a way to pass search strings to the form URL then I could toggle on and off certain fields

If you are customizing the login page you can certainly achieve this. You can send a param with the request that tells which signup to display.

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