Can't add/change username | No custom field for new signup | No capital letter for username

The new lightweight doesnt allow for a custom field. I can modify username on already created accounts. I cannot add a capital letter for a username.

Between all these it leaves me in a messed up position, pure confusion, total mess.

I have a lot of initial users who dont have a username, as we used to use a meta field instead. I cant change that, so I have to scrap username of which i need a unique username functionality. So lets user a meta field, nope, cant do that with lightweight signup. Dead end sending me back to classic !!!



Thanks for the feedback @GaddBox,

New UL doesn’t have feature parity with Classic yet, this is something we are working on.

I am going to mark this resolved as there doesn’t seem to be a lingering question. We always appreciate the feedback.

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