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[CRITICAL BUG] Email/username is not trimmed nor lowercased with new universal login

We have a lot of sign-in issues with the new universal login because of email field not being trimmed.
Please let me know how it can be fixed

Hey there @jordane!

What do you mean saying trimmed? Can you share a screenshot here?

I mean that trailing space are not remove.
I also noticed that it’s not lowercased as well.

I’ve made further tests and this happen only for the sign in form, the sign up form trim and lowercase

I don’t see what I can share other than log and my universal login configuration

Affecting us as well. Some our customers cannot login as they do not realise when there is a space in the user name entry.

Ok so it is definitely a bug, and a critical one, can you fix it asap @konrad.sopala

Hey Folks!

I do understand that. Sorry for the experience! I already reported it to Universal Login product manager. I will get back to you with any news once I have them. Thank you!

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I was just told by the Universal Login product manager that it will be fixed soon.

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Any update @konrad.sopala ? The bug is still here

Hey there!

The internal support ticket for our engineering team was created last week as I let you know. It’s not up to me but to the engineering team when they start working on it. I will let you know once I know something

I’m sorry to come back again @konrad.sopala but we really need this bug to be solved right now as we have a lot of login issues and our support team is overwhelm

As a dev I know this is a super easy one and should not take more than couple of hours to be fixed

Please make sure this bug got a critical/urgent tag and is not in your backlog

Hey there @jordane!

I’m not the decision maker here. I can only advocate for that as I don’t know the priorities of the team that is responsible for that. They may have other critical bugs on the radar. I’m adding @andres.aguiar to the conversation as he’s the product manager of that team.

Hi @jordane

We are working on the fix right now, we expect it to be deployed to all environments early next week.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.



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We’ll let you know @jordane once it’s there.