Cannot send blocked email

I can send all emails except the blocked user email (test-wise using the try feature). It also doesn’t send when the login page says:

Your account has been blocked after multiple consecutive login attempts. We've sent you an email with instructions on how to unblock it.

Other users seemed to have this issue as well.

Additional Details

  • It logs that the user is blocked
  • Using SparkPost

Hello @user792, I wanted to reach out and see if you could snag me a HAR file when reproducing this issue along with the tenant name and test email address. Once you have these details can you please DM them to me as I take a closer look at what may be going on. Thanks in advance!

I wanted to follow up @user792, in the HAR file you sent we see a successful login attempt but no tries to send the email. We need a HAR file capture of this blocked email methodology so we can further troubleshoot what may be occurring. Please let me know if you have any questions on this subject.

A few things I forgot to mention:

  • This problem occurs on all my tenants
  • All emails do send when I click on “Try” except the Blocked Account Email

How is a HAR file captured for emails? In the dashboard when I click try?

Hi there @user792, following up on this. You should still be able to generate a HAR file during the dashboard use of the Try button. When you do, please DM it over to me so i can take a further look. Thanks!

After investigating with the latest HAR file we are able to confirm that our API received the request. We are still looking into what happened after that point. I will keep you posted with what we find. Thank you.

Hey @user792 I wanted to follow up, after extensive testing on trying to reproduce the issue and following up with colleagues I feel we have narrowed it down at this point. When looking at your setup with your custom DB connection “DEFAULT” it does not appear that you have defined a “Get User” script which verifies the user’s existence. Since we are not verifying their presence, we are not sending off the Blocked User email because we aren’t aware of the user to begin with. I apologize for the delay to get this narrowed down, to better handle this in the future I am going to document this for future end users who may run into this same challenge. Thank you @user792 and please confirm that this does indeed resolve this hurdle.

I wanted to follow up @user792 and reach out after comparing the test user previously referenced and reviewing the Login script and the Get User script with our team. You need to verify that in both scripts the id is actually returning something. With the mentioned test user, it seems that the user_id is empty and is causing problems down the line when testing. Please take a look at this and let me know what you find. Thanks again!

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