Cannot create a tenant. error response is a 409

Yet another example of the front end failing to surface the error messages returned by the API. This is starting to get old.

{error: “A tenant with the same name already exists”, status: 409}
error: “A tenant with the same name already exists”
status: 409

Message from the UI:

The request to create your account has failed. Please try again or contact us.

Please try again is pointless, the message is right there, why doesn’t the UI just expose that to the end user?

Hey there!

Terribly sorry for that experience. Can you provide us with more technical context what have you done what were you trying to achieve and what part of our stack did you use so we can pass the feedback to the appropriate team? Thanks!

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my previous message?

Not sure exactly, but you should be able to reproduce it from the info above, the error is that the UI doesn’t surface the error returned from the API. Create a tenant named ABC, then try to create a new tenant named ABC, the error will not be displayed (just the try again later part), What should be displayed is the tenant already exists and Try again makes no sense in that case.

When I reproduced it, the tenant did not exist, and the little green checkmark showed me that. So, I added a letter to the name and it worked…

Sorry for the delay in response!

That must have been some temporary glitch there. I reported this weird scenario to one of the teams