Can the new universal login be configured to only authentication via email address only?

Can the new universal login be configured to only authentication via email address only? And if configured as such would it be possible that the Login dialog only display that the user should use their email address, rather than also mentioning username?


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So you basically want your users to only login using email&password method? No other options, social login etc?

Hi ,thanks for getting back to me. For the time being, until we decide to enable Social Login, yes, we would only want users to be able to sign in using their email address and password, i.e. removing the option to sign in using their username and password. We would like to be able to do this with the New Universal Login if possible, so the wording in the input field should be ‘Email address’, not ‘Username or email address’. Furthermore, the ‘Forgot Password’ portion of the dialog only shows ‘Username’ in the input field and the text ‘Enter your username and we will send you instructions to reset your password’, but still accepts an email address. We would want this to only accept an email address, or at least, for the text to suggest that. Thanks

Let me check with the product manager of Universal Login if such customisation is possible. We designed it the way to be as lightweight as possible compared to classical version of UL so not sure about that. Will let you know once I have some info back!

Any word on this Konrad?

Hey there Jon!

Yep sorry for the delay!

So basically what I was told by the UL product manager is that they’ll be shipping soon the API for text customization in new UL and you’ll be able to tweak the text in any way you want. However there’s no ETA for that as of now.

Some good news on the horizon, it should be released really really shortly!

It’s already there (text customisation api)! You can check it out here:

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