Universal Login Reset Password Accepts Email But Only Says Username

As is mentioned in the following topics:

We have “Requires Username” enabled in our database connection because we need both a username and email address (due to a limitation of a system we’re integrating with).
The reset password screen only asks the user for a username, not also an email address. However this form accepts an email address or a username, despite the text.
This has already caused confusion for our users as most people don’t remember their username, only their email address, and it doesn’t look like there’s any way to fix it without reverting to a fully custom login page.

The text also is inconsistent with the login page, which asks for either a username or an email address.

Can this be fixed? It seems like a small tweak that would help anyone who uses “Requires Username”

EDIT: I have tried unsetting “Requires Username”, but that means that creating a user with a username via the Management API gives the following error: “Cannot set username for connection without requires_username”

Hi @poita66,

You can customize any of the text in the prompts using Customize New Universal Login Text Prompts.

It appears you are looking for: Prompt: reset-password, Screen: reset-password-request, placeholderUsername

Hi @dan.woda,

Thanks so much, I did see that page, but clearly didn’t grok it.

Is it possible to post this solution on the other topics I mentioned? For other users who have the same issue and find those topics.


No problem. Sure, that’s a great idea.