Requires username broken for custom database

“Requires username” feature is broken for custom database scenarios.

When using the custom database feature, with requires username selected, the feature is broken because the GetUser script (for user migration and forgot password/reset password flow) still gets passed an email (unlike the login script which is correctly passed a username). Since emails are not unique in our system (usernames are), this makes it impossible to identify the user performing the activity, which means we cannot provide a flow for the user to reset password using the universal login, and cannot migrate our users to auth0 db.

Using a custom database that has non-unique emails (because of multiple signins for multiple apps).

I see a lot of existing threads on this, but response is always “report feedback” - so here I am, reporting a known issue.

Hi @jpf_auth0,

Thanks for the feedback! Don’t forget to click the Vote button. Thank you.

We ran into this same problem while investigating feasibility of using Auth0 as our identity provider.

The new system need to be able to interperate with our legacy application, which has users uniquely identified by username rather than email.

It’s not just the “Get User” script, “Verify” and “Change Password” also only receives email instead of username, despite “Requires username” option being enabled

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@jackie-linz Thanks for the input, and welcome to the Auth0 Community!