Using "username" in the context of a "custom database"

Just searched the forum for my problem on custom databases related to the use of a username (“Requires the user to provide a username in addition to email.”) There are already entries on this topic, but no apparent solution – or at least explanation.

My question:
In the Database Action Scripts, only the user’s email address is ever passed in the functions. Especially if I have set the username-checkbox, I would actually always expect the “username” here.

Here the method signature of the action Get User is:

function loginByEmail(email, callback) {}

Also the function of Change Password always gets passed only the email address:

function changePassword(email, newPassword, callback) {}

Or am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for your time,

Hi @connectionreset,

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If you have Requires Username enabled for a custom database connection, you will need to then add the the username property to the Login and Get User scripts.

You should see an error message “DB Login Custom script: username is required” if you have it missing from these scripts when Requires Username is enabled.

Hope this helps!



Hello Dave,

thank you very much for your answer.

Have now implemented a solution based on “Organizations”. Think I will stick with it.

Kind regards

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