"Change Password Script Template", Custom Database and "Requires Username"

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Hello again,

I have to come back to the problem I described in the thread above.

According to Change Password Script Templates Documentation the function is always passed an email address (and never an ‘username’).

changePassword(email, newPassword, callback): function

How am I supposed to get the ‘username’ if it is not passed to the function?


Hi @connectionreset,

Thanks for getting in touch with us at Auth0 community.

This is a known limitation at this time in regards to using a custom database with import mode off and performing a password reset on a custom DB using a username. The change_password script only handles an email.

We have an open feature / bug report to add the username field to the change_password script. Unfortunately I don’t have a firm ETA yet on when this will be implemented as it is still in backlog.

I would suggest you add some feedback about this here https://auth0.com/feedback as this goes to our product teams and it will help gauge demand for a feature.

Warm regards.


Hello @SaqibHussain,

Thank you very much for this answer.

I had already thought that I had overlooked something fundamental.

I will see if I want to give further feedback on this.

Best regards


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