getUserAsync and changePasswordAsync Database Action Scripts when Requires Username is turned on

I think I have come accross a few blogs on this issue but I haven’t been able to find any solutions as yet.

In our project we have an application that has a Database Connection linked with the Requires Username setting set to On since our users have to login using a username.

The problem is that the application allows multiple user names with the same email address.

When the user invokes the Forgot Password use case and they enter the username, the Get User Database Action Script is executed. The username is passed to it in the first parameter. We then use it to retrieve the user’s email address and return it in the callback function. Auth0 then sends the email to the user with the link to reset their password.

The issue is that when the user clicks on the email link and is shown the Forgot Your Password Page and enters the new password and then clicks the Continue button, the Get User script gets passed the email address and not the username making it impossible to find the actual user and return the success callback. After the Get User Script is executed, Auth0 calls the Change Password script and it passes the email address to it, again making it impossible to change the password without the username at hand.

Ideally, in this scenario, these two functions should be passed the user name.

Are there any plans on the way to rectify this situation from the Auth0 team?

Thank you

Suddenly as of yesterday the Change Password page is sending the username to the getUserAsync and changePasswordAsync for the use case I described.

I investigated and cannot see any releases made by Auth0. Has anything been released that changed this behaviour?