Why is that username are not fully supported and always expects unique emails?

Feature: Usernames/Email to identify users.

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Use-case: We have a custom database with thousands of users. It is a legacy system, and the users are identify not by email but by a username. We were implementing Auth0 but we found several issues because even though it says it supports username as well, if we want to run the reset password flow then it expects us to implement the GetUser script and first it calls it with the username but once received and returned the profile with the email it sends the email and then when the user tries to create the new password it calls again the GetUser script but sends the email instead of the username, so it is not assuming that emails should be also be unique, which makes no sense for legacy systems and so why would we want to have usernames if the emails should be also unique?

The reset password flow should keep consistency and if we are setting up our connection/org with a custom database accepting username it should then thread only the username as unique and shouldn’t expect unique emails. Otherwise the username functionality is worthless.

Hey there @rsanchez1!

Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community and our company. Let’s see who else will be interested in such improvements as well!

This is key requirement especially for legacy applications. In low markets where technology is not so advance, email address are not common.

Suggestion: We should be able to set the minimum credentials parameters at least using the management APi.