Can’t sign in to Auth0 admin dashboard as not receiving MFA code


I’m not sure if this is the right place for this request. I can’t contact support as I can’t sign in to my tenant admin account.

I am having trouble getting into my dashboard. When I tried to log in it is asking to enter 6 digit code received on my number but I am not getting any text.

I remember adding google-authenticator as an alternate method which for some reason it is not showing up in “another method”.

I don’t know the account recovery code… so can’t sign in with that method. I believe the issue is at Auth0’s end with sending the SMS since I am still receiving SMS from elsewhere.

Is there a way an Auth0 admin can verify me and remove my MFA requirement until SMS is working?


Hey there!

I can help you with that. Please send me a private message here in the forum by clicking on my avatar. I need to have the following details from you:

  • your tenant name
  • your email

Thank you!

Hi Konrad,

I can’t seem to send you a private message.

I am getting following error -

Sorry, konrad.sopala is not accepting messages at the moment.

hmm that’s weird. Let me start the message then.

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I seem to have the same problem as [lalit.rane]. I’m unable to log in to my Auth0 dashboard (Auth0 management account). Like Lalit, I also use google-authentication for my Auth0 management account. But since a few days back, when I try to log in, I first get challenged by the usual Google number verification sent to my phone and which I successfully complete. After that I get stuck at a prompt asking me to “Verify Your Identity” “Check your preferred one-time password application for a code” and I am expected to enter a one-time code that I don’t have. As there is no option to choose some alternative login method, I’m effectively unable to manage my Auth0 tenants at the moment.

Logging in to my applications and API’s that I’ve registered in my tenants work just fine, even using the same google account that fails for the Auth0 management login.

Hey there @staffankvisth!

Can you reach out to me via private message as well? Thank you!

I can’t login to my admin account. It says the password is wrong and when I tried to reset it, I’m not getting any email with the reset link.

Send me a private message please

I also can’t login. It says “Check your preferred one-time password application for a code.” I have no idea where to send you a private message.

As I wrote above you need to click on my avatar and there will be a blue send message button

I could not find a way to send a private message to you. Clicking on your avatar only shows statistics information; no blue send message button or anything. But I sent the requested information to you by mail to “”. Was that ok? No answer yet though.

Best regards

It’s weird but I have nothing in my mailbox :smiley: I’ll reach out to you here in the forum

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