Can't sign in to Auth0 admin dashboard as not receiving SMS MFA code

I’m not sure where else to post this. I can’t contact support as I can’t sign in to my dashboard account.

I have been signing in with the same phone number with MFA for at least a couple of years. Today it is no longer sending me the code. According to my SMS provider they have no known issues. I have tried resending the code so many times it is now locked out with:

“You have exceeded the maximum number of phone messages per hour. Wait a few minutes and try again.”

I don’t know the account recovery code… so can’t sign in like that. I believe the issue is at Auth0’s end with sending the SMS, since I can still receive SMS from elsewhere.

I have an urgent issue I need to resolve on a clients tenant, but since I can’t sign in… I can’t resolve it.

Is there a way an Auth0 admin can verify me and remove my MFA requirement until their SMS is working?

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Hey there @swatt!

I can help you with that. Please contact me via private message here in the forum sending following details:

  • tenant name
  • your email
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Thanks Konrad.

This morning I can sign in again as I’m receiving the code again, so no need for help any longer. Although, I’m still not sure if the issue was at Auth0 end or with my SMS network.

From my point of view, the issue can be closed.

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Gotchya! Thanks for letting me know! Once you hit such roadblock anytime in the future, feel free to ping me!