Can all emails be sent via API?

Can all emails be sent via API? I want SendGrid to handle the templating and sending of all emails.

Are there API hooks to do this? and will this stop any of the other emails from going out? I can see how to do this for the verification emails and the welcome email but not the others.

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Can you add more context to what you mean by all emails? Here’s more on handling Auth0 related email flows:

I mean any email that is sent from auth0 (EG from the branding → email section see attached). Only verification emails and the welcome emails too to have a status toggle. They are also the only ones talked about in the documentation you provided above.

How do you go about creating hooks for other following emails:

  • Enroll in Multifactor Authentication
  • Change Password
  • Blocked Account Email
  • Password Breach Alert
  • Verification Code for Email MFA
  • User Invitation

I would like all emails above to via SendGrid and to use the templating that SendGrid provides so I will need to call SendGrid via its API. This is required as depending on the application that the user is using the branding will be different.

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Gotchya! Then unfortunately I got bad news as we don’t offer such thing for all emails. Still the email part of the UI doesn’t translate 1-1 when it comes to doing things manually in the UI and doing them programatically.

What I would suggest is to raise that feedback in our feedback category to make our product team aware of such drawback: