SendGrid email provider not working with api key


I have selected Sendgrid as my email provider and added the API key from sendgrid.

However, no emails are being received.

For example if I do send verification email, I don’t receive one.
Emails only seem to work if I turn send grid off using the toggle and revert to Auth0 as the email provider.

Things tried:

I’ve checked the key is correct and the from is correct.
I’ve followed the steps here as well for restricted usage: Configure SendGrid as External SMTP Email Provider

Error message from logs:

Any idea on how I can solve this issue?

Hi @mark1987

That error indicates you are trying to send an email with the From field that is not configured as a verified sender.

Essentially, you must register an email address and prove that you have ownership, to be able to send emails from it.

For example, if I want to send emails from, I have to prove I have ownership of this email by verifying with SendGrid.

This article walks through setting it up: Single Sender Verification | Twilio

The from email is a verified sender with Send Grid.

I already use the same from email address for my live site.

Not sure why it’s not working for Auth0.
Interestingly, it works if I write an action.

But I need it to work for verifying a user email on sign up.


Could you please DM me the email address you are using as your verified sender and the name of your Auth0 Tenant?