Configuring email tempaltes via API

I’m currently automating our Auth0 setup via the API. I’ve got almost everything done, which is great, but I can’t work out how to set the email templates for things like verification, password reset, and so on. Is this possible via the API at the moment?

The Emails dashboard allows you to customize your emails, including templating with some user attributes using Liquid syntax. This can include references to the context of the current application or user.

For complete set of instructions, you can refer the following page from Auth0, this might help you somehow in this regard I feel so.

Customizing Your Emails

Thanks! I’ve done that manually absolutely fine, so I’m aware of what we can do that way. I’m wondering if they can be set via the API so I can automate the process and keep my email templates in version control.

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Hey there @floppy!

Sorry for such delay in response. Unfortunately there is no way to do it via API.