Default email template

Where can I find default email templates?
I mean when I configured them from dashboard the first time, there was default text. Can I found current version of theses templates somewhere?

Hey there!

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean. When you login to your Auth0 Dashboard you need to go to Emails -> Templates and then pick the template you are interested in and adjust it based on your needs.

That’s right, but I’ve adjusted them a few years ago. Recently I’ve receive an email " [Action Required] Check your custom email templates for syntax errors. I want to compare my templates with the current, ‘clear’ version of these templates. Are they available somewhere (maybe on github)?

Aaaah gotchya! So basically once you changed it it’s saved and once you pick it from the templates you will have the one edited by yourself, there is no option to view the initial one unless you try with another tenant / account I believe. Unfortunately.