Bug: unable to setup 2FA for own Auth0 Account

I wanted to set up my 2 factor authentication on a second device.
Since I did not secure the code at that time, I removed TOTP accordingly.

I also got an info that 2FA was successfully disabled.
My problem now is: I cannot activate it anymore.

I only have two options:

If I try to enroll, I have to enter a code.
I have this code and the pages says “Authenticator succesfully added”.

But I am in an infinite loop.

If I log in, I have to enter the one-time code and get a new one.
And the page looks identical again:

  • I have to complete the enrollment again
  • I get a new code
  • A message appears that the Authenticator has been successfully added. Every time.

Have I hit a bug?

Handled via MFA reset


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