[bug] post-account-create on Auth0 community, can't escape new-notification guide overlay


Today I created a new un-associated account to trial some Auth0 features I’m new to. After clicking the emailed confirmation link, we’re taken to a greeting page which gets a gray overlay with a guide cloud focused on the profile photo with [1] new notification. The guide tells us to click on it. We do so and the Welcome to Auth0 Community message from discobot shows up but the guide overlay doesn’t go away. No matter how many times we click on the guided notification or profile icon, the guide cloud overlay doesn’t vanish.

After a while, ~1-2 minutes, it will vanish on its own and we can start interacting with the rest of the page including the discobot message.

It’d be nice if there was a bugs@ or similar to send this to…


Thanks for letting us know. I am investigating this issue.