Removing Account doesn't work, and I get Auth0 ** Action Required ** spam endlessly

Dear Auth0,

You need to handle the use case where a user has removed their account, and Auth0’s system erroneously thinks there’s " Action Required". I get spammed, and can’t even follow-up with a support email because I don’t have an active account! I had to re-create an account just to post this.

You know, this complete lack of customer service really sucks. No direct email method, no direct phone number to call. If I run into a critical issue where Auth0 is failing, customers can’t log in, and I’ve paid all this money to you guys, then I would really appreciate talking to a live human that can handle the edge cases.


  • Aaron

Hey @steampunkdigital!

Terribly sorry for the inconvenience! Could you share with me your tenant name and email address over private message so we can investigate it?

Hey there!

Are you still struggling with it? Have you had a chance to see my last message?

Hi Konrad, apologies, this slipped through the cracks. I can’t seem to figure out how to direct message you.

In any case, tenant should be under this email:

You can send me a private message going to my profile like that:

For future reference, do not show any of your details in forum messages so that anybody can see that. To check your tenant name and then send it to me via private message login to your Auth0 dashboard and click on the avatar photo you have in the upper right corner. Thank you! I’m not able myself to search for this email I can only search by tenant names.

Lol, I’m not worried about sharing the company generic “info” email address. Okay, as for tenant name, I will send you a direct message.

Thank you a lot for that!