Both internal and external users in Developer Pro


I have a question regarding billing and accounts. A situation is that my company needs to use both login options - our employees will be logging in by Azure AD, but some external users are logging in by a typical “email / password” scenario.

In Pricing website there is information about Developer Pro, but there is no option to calculate using internal and external users at the same time. Moreover, in Subscription tab there is no option to choose both users’ types. You can only choose one of these.

Should I create two different tenants to handle my scenario? It would be super unuseful for us, cause we would need to duplicate roles, permissions, rules, hooks etc.

Hi @rmaziarka,

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I talked to the sales team and this is what they said:

You would add up the cost for both the external use case, and internal use case. If I have 500 external users, and 100 employees I’m looking to support, the cost would be $310/mo.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, it helps a lot :slight_smile:

So then I have strange situation having connected 2 login options

i cannot login by Azure AD:

but maybe I will raise another ticket?

If you use the Azure AD connection email domain it should self-discover with home realm discovery. Did you try it and get an error?

Continued here:

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