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We use Auth0 free plan within our company to authenticate a few users who work at the company while we build towards getting our first customers on board. One of the potential first customers is looking for an AD connection and this means bumping our plan up to at least Developer Pro. While this is fine and dandy we just realised that the users who use Auth0 could be considered internal users rather than external users. This, if they are classed as internal then we would need to look at the Enterprise plan, however the definition for internal users does not match the use case for our internal users so I am after some clarification.
Our users only use it once or twice a month to go and check up on issues raised, or to do a quick sweep through of the application and rarely if never spend more than a few minutes to an hour on the application at one time. The definition for internal users seem to be ones that going on frequently, daily basis to get work done which is not what our users do.

Do we need to look at the enterprise plan as our users are internal users regardless of activity or are we safe to look at developer pro?

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Hi @samuel.bryan,

Thanks for reaching out. This sounds like a fairly nuanced pricing question that would be better answered by speaking to one of our reps.

Would you please submit this request to our sales team via the Talk To Sales button in the nav bar or this link? If you are unable to, then please DM me an email for you and I will submit it on your behalf. Thanks!


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