Billing with both Enterprise and username/password connections

Hi Auth0 Community,

My company has started using Auth0 and we are very happy with the product. However, when speaking with the Billing/Sales people we are hitting an issue that prevents us from moving forward.

We are being told that for Billing reasons we can not have a tenant with both Enterprise logins and username/password connections. This seems very wrong since the whole point of Auth0 (to me) is to have a single point of authentication for our users. We are being asked to split them into separate Auth0 tenants, solely for the purposes of billing. Technically, we are having no issues using 2 separate connections under 1 tenant, it’s working great.

This also contradicts Auth0’s own documentation where they say that an application multi-tenancy can be achieved with different connections.

For example, one app may have users providing username/password credentials, while another app handles Enterprise logins.

Also, Auth0 recommends against creating multiple Auth0 tenants unless you need to share Auth0 Dashboards with your customers, which we do not want to do.

Is there any truth to what the billing/sales people are telling us? We’d love use Auth0, but this issue would prevent us from being able to use.

Thank you!

Hi @jrhea,

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That is definitely not true. Enterprise connections have an additional charge associated with them, but you can absolutely have enterprise and database (and social, and passwordless) connections in a single tenant.



Yep that is correct!

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Just to clarify, are you saying what markd said is correct or what we are being told by the billing department is correct?

What Mark is saying is true. There must have been some mistake on the sales side. Is there anything else to your scenario than what you shared in your initial post in this thread?

We were told if we do this that it treats all accounts as enterprise accounts which have a much higher cost structure and the only way to have the cost structure of cheaper external users is to have two separate tenants. So while, technically, we could have one tenant, it is much more expensive to do so since we have 5-10x as many external accounts as internal.

There is also no option in the billing interface to pick both internal and external options separately, nor does it track on the dashboard internal and external accounts separately.

If it is possible to pay for internal and external accounts separately on one tenant, how do you do this? Sales with a tech expert on the phone told us it was impossible.

Guys let me confirm that once more and get back to you soon cause there’s definitely some unnecessary confusion here. I’ll get back to you soon!

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