2 connections enabled but only one visible (Database & Azure AD)


So then I have strange situation having enabled 2 connections:

Now I cannot log in by Azure AD:

When I disable login by the database, the option to log in by Azure AD appears:

I cannot use database login and Azure AD at the same time?

Hi @rmaziarka,

I am going to continue this conversation in this thread. Thank you for starting a new topic as it helps keep things organized.

Continued from here:

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If you use the Azure AD connection email domain it should self-discover with home realm discovery. Did you try it and get an error?

Thanks @dan.woda, I have defined these options:

It turns out to be connected to the used login page. With the Classic it looks like that, and I cannot use Azure AD:

but with the New login page, it looks like that, and it redirects me to the Azure AD:
If I write down another email it allows me to login by password.

Is there any information that the Classic login page doesn’t allow to login by both database and Azure AD at the same time? It looks that New login page allows to do it.