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Borked status pages?


The incident pages seem to be broken?

The above link is supposed to be the recent “Auth0 email delivery outage” incident, which appears to still be in progress? I tried changing an email address on a test account and I have not rcvd the verification email.


Thanks for the heads-up. We’re investigating.


@markd this incident was removed because it ended up being user error which is why the page isn’t loading correctly.


Not sure I understand. /incidents is broken due to a user error or email delivery is broken due to a user error?

Is the email delivery issue resolved? I’ve tried triggering email delivery (changed email address on a test account) and I’m not seeing the related emails in my sendgrid logs.


What you reported itself (the issue page(s) not displaying) is due to the incident being deleted as it was user error causing the report. We are looking to adjust the UX for the status page so that if the issue is not found it will give a message accordingly.

Regarding this:

You need to send a

verify_email: true

in order for it to send the verification email. It’s sorta identified in!/Users/patch_users_by_id but we could definitely document that better.


Thanks Jeremy. I tried resending a verification email to my test user via the mgmt console and the email was delivered. All good!


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