Test email not sending

please see picture below. Nothing gets shown in the logs on auth0 for this action and, sendgrid doesn’t show anything being sent. It however does work when using the test email for the provider. I have searched around the forum and seems like this issue randomly pops up but i just want to be able to send a test verification email and despite the message saying that the email has been sent successfully, this is not the case.

I have checked the logs of sendgrid and its not appearing there. As a result we can skip the step here where we first assume that its the fault of the integration and not auth0’s

@alex10 can you try to send a test email again, and check the relevant entry in the tenant logs to see if you see any errors that were thrown?

Just tried, it shows an api operation when I update the template or parameters for the email but there’s nothing for the email action itself.

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