Blocked user is not in user list

Non-technical admin here.

I have a user who states he’s blocked but doesn’t appear in the user list. I can see his blocked logs but I can’t unblock him. I found this post and followed the directions. How to unblock a user that isn't in the user list

But when I completed it and got a 204 code, the user is still getting the wrong password/email error message. What can be done at this point?

This is a seriously painful platform to administer.
Why can’t I see a list of users who have never logged in? And why can’t I just unblock the user from the list created when I query the Monitoring Logs? This is way too complicated when I have 30 support tickets each day.

Sometimes this workaround resolves such problem for me.
->Find the user in your dashboard, scroll to the end of the user management page, block the user there and unblock again.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, I would recommend checking the connection parameter for the application.

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Regarding the user block profile, it depends on how the user was blocked. If the user were automatically blocked (via providing an excessive number of incorrect credentials) the solution from the link wouldn’t work. You will need to update manually the profile by Auth0 Dashboard Block and Unblock Users or via Managment API Block and Unblock Users

It also may be worth triggering an interactive password reset flow for the unblocked user → Change Users' Passwords


I tried both of these methods. I got a 204 each time and I still can’t get this user logged in.

Hi @ssimons,

Does this user reset the password after being unblocked?


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