Blocked Tenant because of monitoring system

Is there any way to contact anyone at Auth0 to get your tenant unblocked? I don’t understand how you can possibly have a commercial service and no phone support and a 2 day turnaround for a critical production issue. We followed the directions sent in the link Bulk User Imports

But our tenant was locked anyway.
Not good. Very poor customer service.

Based on the turnaround time you mentioned I’m assuming you have a plan with standard support; in that case have in mind that the two days response time are a target and that truly urgent situations are usually replied much faster during support hours. However, this implies that everyone is also responsible in classifying the urgency of the situation as otherwise situations may be lost among all the noise (this was not the case of this situation as the blocking was indeed causing an urgent issue, but sometimes that’s not the case).

In addition, have in mind that the community site provides no guarantees in relation to replies or timing of those replies.