Billing for internal users with connections to G-Suite and Office365

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Due to a recent acquisition our company is operating at two domains: hosted on Office365 (ca 100 staff) and hosted on Google G-Suite (ca 500 staff). We would like to authenticate to some of our systems from both directories, depending on which part of the company the user comes from. I have created Enterprise connectors to both O365 and to GSuite, it all seems to work ok.

Now how does the billing work?

Are we going to be charged for the total number of users in both O365 and GSuite directories even if most are never going to use the services? Or only for the users that authenticated to our services during the given month which could be a fraction of the total.

Are these users counted as “Internal” or “External”? There seems to be a huge price difference between Internal and External users in the “Developer Pro” and we definitely can’t pay for 600 internal users licenses while our services will only be used by a lot smaller number of staff.

If I select the $130/mo plan with 500 External Users - would that still work for our needs? Or do I have to start with the $220/mo plan with 100 Internal Users? I hope the former will do…

And lastly - if we connect multiple internal applications to this Auth0 setup are we going to get charged for each one? For example if I log into Wiki and Git and CRM am I counted 3x or 1x, if it’s all under the same Auth0 account, just a different app?



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