Benefits of migrating users to Auth0

Hi there,

we currently store our user information in our own DB. We are debating whether to migrate our users over to Auth0 or not. I’m wondering what the limitations are if we decide to keep all user data (except passwords, tokens) in our DB.

I guess we can’t use the Universal Login pages (otherwise data like email address, date created, etc… would be stored in Auth0)
Can we keep using features like MFA, Social Logins, SSO, RBAC without migrating users to Auth0?

Hi @luke_ts

The “usual” use case is to store IAM specific user info in Auth0, and all other user info in your DB. Auth0 is not a general purpose database, so the user info that is not required for IAM should stay in your DB (and you link the two DBs together via user ID, either Auth0’s or yours).

Whichever way you decide, you can use Universal Login and all(or almost all) features of Auth0, you just need an Auth0 DB connection with the custom flag set, and scripts to contact your DB.