Where to save data against auth0 users

So I am very new to auth0 and trying to wrap my head around where to save user data once a user is authenticated.

I think what I want to do is store the auth0 user ID in my database and then associate any application specific data against the user here (roles, post id’s, additional profile info, etc…) I have looked at custom database connections but I think if I use this I can no longer use the social logins? Which I would really like to be able to use if possible.

If I can no longer use the social logins with a custom database is there another avenue I can take? I have briefly looked at the user metadata and I understand I can add extra data here but I don’t imagine the intention of this is to store things like the aforementioned.

I am very interested in what best practice would be considered here? Everything feels like it would work but might not be how it is intended to be used.

Cheers in advance,

This is a good starting point for storing user data

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