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Automate tenant creation and configuration



We are currently evaluating Auth0 and would like to be able to automate the creation of tenants and sync their config so its inline with our multi tenanted platform application.

From reviewing the documentation the API’s don’t seem to expose these endpoints, can someone tell me how to find them and achieve our requirement?


Within the cloud offering there is no public endpoint to create tenants; the automation of the tenant configuration could be performed through the Management API, however, it would have to be for an existing tenant.

However, for the Private SaaS (PSaaS) Appliance deployment option there is indeed an option to automatically create tenants.


Hi Jmangelo,
Thanks for the reply, what is the pricing model for PSaaS?


I would defer that to the sales team because even if I could provide you with any information it would not be definitive; use the talk to sales option available at the top of the pricing page.