Authorization Profile - Try

Hi Team - I have configured an Okta Workspace integration. Before making the Authentication Profile login flow switch from Identifier + Password to Identifier First, I would like to test it via what I assume it the Try option. This option on the top right is greyed out. Making the change prior to testing will inevitably disrupt access to existing users and I would like to avoid this. What can we do here?

I appreciate your help.

Hi there @valerie.parra ,

Thank you for the context. The Authentication Profile affects all the Auth0 tenant integrations, and you can have only one Authentication profile per tenant. To be honest, the only way to test it without affecting current users is to create a new free (dev/test/staging) Auth0 tenant, move the integrations you want to test there, and set the Identifier First.

Please let me know your thoughts :slight_smile: