Authentication stopped working in IE

As of very recently authentication in IE has stopped working for my tennant. The error message is:

“Something went wrong. Please contact technical support.”

I have also tested in Chrome and Firefox - FireFox was having the same problem but resolved itself after a few attempts. Chrome worked the whole time. IE does not work at all.

Feeling lucky, I tried IE on a 2nd PC, it is not working there either.

I note that similar issues have happened before and presumably been resolved e.g.: Logins Randomly Stopped Working

I’ve raised a support ticket but being on the opposite side of the world I don’t expect a reply for some time yet. And from experience I expect that when a reply comes the issue will either be fixed or tech support will ask me to xyz…

In anticipation of this ^^^^, I’m wondering if there are any troubleshooting steps that I can take to assist tech support?

Any help is much appreciated.

Magically it started working again. But… it was down for at least an hour (that I know of).

Glad it’s working for you know! I’ll try to research internally what could have been a potential reason!

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