Logout not working in Internet Explorer, localhost

Hi There,

We have a strange issue, giving som frustration for our team. When logging out on Internet Explorer11 on localhost, we are automatically signed in again. We have a simple Angular client, running "auth0-js": "^9.10.2", and the logout part of the code looks like this:

const options: auth0.LogoutOptions = {
    clientID: "<our-client-id>",
    returnTo: "http://localhost:4200/login",

The interesting thing is that, it only occurs on IE11 served on localhost. So when we access our hosted environment, logout in IE11 works. But it’s still quite frustrating, as it’s nice to login and logout to test different user roles.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there @alexab!

So looking into our product support matrix here:

It unfortunately shows that support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 10/ 11 in terms of authentication is sustained which means it can work but doesn’t need to as we do not actively or even not at all maintain the part of our stack responsible for compatibility with this browser.

Thanks for the quick reply. Having this on the main page of auth0:

And not supporting the legacy browser #1, is disappointing at best…

But what could the issue be?

Yep unfortunately must totally agree with you when it comes to our motto on the main website and some of the elements in our product matrix.

To be honest I don’t know what might be the core reason here. Would you mind reaching to auth0.js repo maintainers directly via GitHub issue. I’m sure that asking Luis directly will be far more effective process of getting an answer! Thank you!

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Thank you so much - and have a nice weekend!

You too! Hope Luis will be able to help you with this one!

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Hey there @alexab!

Did you manage to solve the hurdle with Luis in the meantime via GitHub issue?

It’s work in progress :slight_smile:

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ok! Would you mind sharing the link to the GitHub issue here for the benefit of others?

Sure, link is here. I will try to make the repo this weekend

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Thanks a lot for sharing it with the rest of community!

Hey there Alex!

Have you had a chance to make the repo during the weekend?