Login screen not loading on IE 11

Hi there !
I have an application requiring Auth0 to login, for getting a token used to call an API.

It seem to be impossible to log on auth0 in IE 11 :

  1. My frontend redirects to mytenant.eu.auth0.com/login
  2. Page is completely blank
  3. Opening the IE console shows : http://i.imgur.com/U8QYzyz.png and the corresponding code seems to be : http://i.imgur.com/x9ajY7Q.png

Is there anything I can do to ensure Auth0’s compatibility with this browser ?
IE version : 11.2791
The issue does not appear on Firefox or Chrome

Hey @yoann!

Thanks a lot for reporting that! I will try to investigate it further and potentially ask you further questions down the road.

Hey @yoann!

First question :slight_smile: From the screenshot I guess you’re using Lock. Can you tell me the version?

Hi @konrad.sopala.
Thanks for your quick reply ! We are using Lock 11.11.

But the issue seems to be on our side : in the Universal Login template, we used some ES6 functions that are not supported by IE 11, and that was causing the page not loading. Chaging that, we are now able to log in.

Best !

Glad to hear that! Perfect you have it working!

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