Auth0 login screen not appearing on IE 11


I am using a react app, using the auth0-spa-js to implement auth0.

When I try the app with IE 11 the login screen does not appear, so far it is working on chrome, firefox and edge.

Why would it not be working on IE 11?


Hey there!

Iā€™m not sure if auth0-spa-js supports IE 11, let me confirm that and get back to you shortly!

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Hey there again!

Could you tell us whether you have any JavaScript errors in the console or network log?

Are you using the latest version? I found out from SDK team that we do support IE11

Hi @konrad.sopala,

I found that my issue wasnt related to auth0, my application was using certain JS features that are not supported in IE11.

After adding a polyfill, everything is now working correctly.

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Ohhh perfect to hear that! Thanks a lot for letting me know!