Authentication API returning 502 in EU region

We are facing disruptions in Authentication API, returning 502 for all users. Anyone else facing this? Operation status shows normal.


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Yes, but for 2-3 hours, now they are gone!

I had that happen to me yesterday as well, roughly 2 hours, then it returned back to normal. At the same time as your post, by the way.

Hey there everyone!

It wasn’t my watchtower turn at that time but it seems like some temporary server error. Thanks for reporting that and let me know if it still occurs to you!

For future reference. Feel free to check our status pages to see what might be the root cause of what’s happening for you:

We did check the status and there was nothing alarming, still not. What do you suggest we do in such case when it has impaired production services? I mean including paid options.

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I’ll do my best to immediately investigate it internally and escalate it!

When it comes to paid options it depends whether you’re on developer / developer pro / enterprise tier but the best option being a paid customer is to immediately open a support ticket as there’s always a crew of developer support engineers that will be able to reach out very soon especially in terms of outages or contact your sales engineer / solutions architect (if you’re on an Enterprise tier)

@streamhub please contact me via DM sending me your tenant name so we can investigate it, thanks!