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Slow responses and 504 on management API


Hi, today I am getting 504 and general slow responses on management API (eu).

What’s on?


Same here; lots of slow and failed requests.
According to the twitter account, there was an incident yesterday but it is supposed to be solved. Possibly not ‘really’ solved ?


Same here as well. But as you say it’s not mentioned on the status page…


It was, but it was really difficult to find it due to colors and menu selections. In any case, I am in eu domain. Where are you?


Also in EU, but is it really on the status page? Hovering over the square with the incident it says October 1st…


Sorry for the misunderstanding. Nothing for today, but I also had problems finding yesterday’s.
Should we raise the problem to feedback forum? I am beginning to have problems with customers not being able to create users


I’m new to this forum (came here because of the current issue), if that’s the way it would get attention of engineering at auth0, then yes :slight_smile:


Done, let’s see what happens


We are seeing this, plus sometimes this can be found in the user history after failure to login:

Request to Webtask got ESOCKETTIMEDOUT


Also seeing lots of “504 - Gateway timeout”, nothing changed our end and not happening 100% of the time. Unable to search for users on the v2 Management API.



I also noticed slowdowns this morning with the API (to retrieve information from users), which impacts our services.


Hey there @vgillet, @ian.shugrue, @d.j, @bragma, @retzner, and @fdubuisson. I wanted to follow up with you and let you know there was an outage this morning but it has been since resolved.

I recommend subscribing for future updates on outages on our Auth0 status page.



Thanks, I am in fact following. I noticed the problem at 8 AM UTC and decided to post at 9.45 AM UTC since I saw no actions and I was not sure if others were experiencing it. The problem is that the first public notification that auth0 was aware of the problem has been posted ad 11 AM. Realtime status is useful if it is somewhat “real time”. :grinning:


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