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/api/v2/connections returns 504 gateway time out (again)


The problem seems to be here again. (Copy/pasted from /api/v2/connections returns 504 gateway time out)


We are having some issues since this morning.
One of our problems is that we can’t retrieve the connections list anymore, an http GET on
(with a valid bearer token) returns a 504 Gateway Time-out

Anyone experiencing this issue as well?
Michaël Bitard


Are we the only one with this issue? It’s a real problem here, we can’t do anything anymore on our sites


We were able to narrow down the issue.

It appears we cannot retrieve all our connections at once. Today, we have ~150 connections, and sometimes we need to list them all. Is this a limitation we didn’t know about?


:wave: @michael.bitard around the time you posted this there was a disruption to the /api/v2/connections endpoint (reference: this could have been why you were experiencing issues.

I can double check if there any specific limitations. I believe the recommended number of connections per page should be 100 or less, so as your connections grow we should try requesting a smaller number of connections per page by using the per_page parameter (as we said must be below 100) and then query for the pages using the page parameter. Here is an example:

Thanks @kimcodes. Indeed that’s what we are doing now, to circumvent the issue. I have the feeling that this is still an issue because we get a timeout from /api/v2/connections where we should have an error message explaining that we can’t query that much information at once.

From what I see something changed in the auth0 backend, because one day it worked, and since the first issues it stopped working at all, even after manually cleaning a lot of connections.

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