Receiving 502s after login out of the blue

Nothing changed from our side but can not longer login to any of our applications.

Logs says Request failed with status code 502.

We are using angular

Hey there!

I just checked our status page and it doesn’t seem like we’re going through any type of outage. Can you confirm in a few minutes if you’re still receiving the error? Thank you!

Still getting it - i have tried every application and even the ‘try connection’ in the panel itself.

It says access denied but happening for every user on every application. We have changed nothing

  "error": "access_denied",
  "error_description": "Request failed with status code 502"

Got it! Can you send me your tenant name and email address here in the forum via private message so I can perform further investigation? Thank you!

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sent - let me know if you need any more information