401 Error/Failed Exchange/Successful Login on Angular

I just created a demo app using the Angular quickstart guide, and I’m getting a 401/Failed exchange error. I’ve noted this thread(https://github.com/auth0/auth0-spa-js/issues/454), and I’m not really sure what to do, or what additional info would help me narrow down this issue, and insight would be appreciated.

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Hi @michaelscaveney,

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Can you DM me your tenant name? Also, what is the full error you are receiving?

I nuked everything and started from scratch, and and I’m not seeing a reoccurance of this error. I’m guessing this was me trying to integrate Hasura from a tutorial that had the wrong convention for JWT rules for an SPA.

No problem. Let us know if you run into it again. I am going to close this one and mark it solved.

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