FailedExchange error when creating a sample Angular application using auth0-spa-js


I am following the quickstart guide and trying to test a simple application. It seems that my app is failing in the callback during handleRedirectCallback(). The logs at the Auth0 site show two log messages:

Success Login
FailedExchange - with “description”: “Unauthorized”

I have checked that my client id and domain are correct.

I am able to get to the login page, enter the userid / password for the user I created. The error occurs when the control returns to my app.

Some other info:

If I use the curl command as per instructions, there is no problem.

Any idea what I should look at?

Thanks and Regards

It seems that the problem might have been twofold.

  1. I was using an application that was generated when I created an api; this application was marked as type Machine to Machine.

  2. Secondly I was missing the ‘audience’ parameter in the auth service - because the instruction to add this parameter was in a subsequent section of the tutorial and I just missed it.


Thanks a lot for sharing it with the rest of community and glad you were able to figure it out!

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