Brand new application, using Vue sample app, Error: Unauthorized after login

Hello, as per the title, I’ve followed the guide to create a new app, everything is working fine, I can go through the login process and it successfully logs in my user.

However, after redirect back to the app, it throws and Error: Unauthorized when the auth0 library tried to obtain the token.

I have checked the logs and it comes up with a “Failed Exchange” error.

Can anyone please advise how to start troubleshooting this or how to fix this.
I would have thought the out-of-the-box application and Vue sample app would just work without issues.

And before you ask:

  • Yes, I have updated the correct domain and credentials
  • Yes, I have configured callback URL’s, allowed domains, etc.
  • There is not auth0-vue tag available

Thank you :pray:

Ok I figured out the solution. You have to go to the Credentials tab and change Authentication Methods to None

This should be the default for Single Page Application apps imo since it doesn’t work with a client secret.

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