Errors running Vue Quickstart


I’ve worked with Auth0 before but I’m having a lot of trouble trying to get the Vue Quickstart to work properly. The issues are:

  • After adding in the required Auth0Plugin plugin as per the Quickstart, attempting to login from the “Home” screen returns a 401 with {error: "access_denied", error_description: "Unauthorized"}
  • The History on the User page in the Auth0 dashboard seems to indicate that there was a successful login
  • The application does not redirect to the desired page after the “successful” login
  • Have a Rule that is supposed to read from app_metadata and add to the JWT but I get undefined when attempting to read user.app_metadata
  • I turned off that Rule in an attempt to try and get the login working but no luck their either

Any guidance on this would be great - I’m trying to use Auth0 as the user management section of a side project I’m working on so I’m only on the free tier currently.


I was able to fix the issue of the application working at all by changing the App type and the setting the Token Endpoint Authentication Method to None before switching the App type back to SPA (weird fix that doesn’t seem to have documentation). However, I’m still running into issues not being able to read app_metadata from a Rule. Thoughts?

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I had this same issue and forstmeier’s solution fixed it for me as well.

In my case, working in a local dev instance through the Vue/Auth0 quick start and tutorials (multiple) all had the same issue in that i would get a 401 whenever attempting a connection to


Thanks a lot for sharing that with the rest of community!

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