Sample Vue SPA app (01-login) is not asking for userid/password

I am new to Auth0, but have used Vue.js for a few months. I have implemented the Vue.js version of the 01-login sample App as per the quickstart instructions (I think).

It seems to work in that I can click on Log In, it briefly goes to the callback with an access token etc, and then says I am logged in.

I can then click on the Log Out, and it immediately says I am logged out - and I can repeat this cycle.

It never goes to a login form or asks me for a userid or password, which I expected it to do. What might I have done wrong?

I have tried restarting the app, clearing cache, restarting Chrome, restarting the computer.

Hi Peter. It seems that the quickstart sample only logs the user out of the application, but it never requests a logout for Auth0. That means that the user session in Auth0 remains, and when the application requests a new login Auth0 already recognizes the user and returns the authentication result without prompting the user.
If you navigate to https://{your_auth0_domain}/v2/logout you will clear your Auth0 session and you will have to login again when the application requests an authentication.

You can try calling this.auth0.logout({ returnTo: YOUR_APP_URL}) instead of the router.replace('home') call.

Note that you will have to whitelist your app URL as a valid logout callback URL, as mentioned in Logout

Thanks. As you suggest I have replaced router.replace('home') by this.auth0.logout({ returnTo: AUTH_CONFIG.logoutUrl }), and addedlogoutUrl: 'http://localhost:3000'to AUTH_CONFIG.

It seems I am now logged out, but there is a new issue with the Sample app:
On the page when it says “You are not logged in! Please Log In to continue” I get an alert Could not get a new token (login_required: Login required). If I OK that then it just repeats it ad nauseam. This did not happen before, and I still cannot log in.

Maybe it is similar to the issue 10401. If so this seems too complicated for me to sort out. I am using Chrome v70.

Surely a Sample app should just work?

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